You will learn how to develop a cooperation EU project with a step by step approach designing your own project in the framework of EU funding calls available for the cultural and artistic sectors.



We are offering bespoke mentoring where we put your project idea in the centre of your learning process. You will get up to 12 hours of e-mentoring to support you designing a strong EU cooperation project.


Because we are passionate about ART and CULTURE and would like to support those sectors to better their access to EU FUNDING and to develop cooperation projects with a strong added value. We strongly believe that COOPERATION is the main motor for CREATIVITY needed in Europe.


We develop E-LEARNING COURSES and COLLABORATIVE ENVIRONMENT to support the development of your cooperation project(s) using a STEP BY STEP and LEARNING BY DOING approach. We will offer you our expertise and experience with bespoke mentoring sessions.


Experienced MENTORS will guide you through STRATEGIES, MECANISMS and FUNDING PROGRAMMES implemented by EUROPEAN INSTITUTIONS to support Cooperation and Creativity in Europe. During the whole process you will have the opportunity to design YOUR OWN EU PROJECT.


This e-learning course is for professionals, project managers and producers working in the art and cultural sectors WITH NONE OR FEW EXPERIENCE within EU projects willing to learn and share on how to develop high quality transnational projects funded by EU institutions.



Project Coordinator & Mentor


Project Developper & Mentor


We would like to invite you to begin this course providing you a definition about what is an EU project following by an introduction to the EU Programmes supporting the cultural and creative sectors.

In this module we will offer you to look at the global context of the European Strategy and the main challenges the Cultural and Creative Industries in Europe have to respond to. We will than give you some key examples of EU programmes supporting this sector. You will also find a list of key EU institutions you can contact for additional information about EU funding and support for the development of your project idea as well as key dates of opened calls . Finally, you will get the opportunity to have a feasibility study for your EU project idea assess by a mentor.

In this module you will get tools to enable you to make a strategic diagnostic of your project idea enabling you to identify if your project is viable and responding to the EU programmes criteria and to the strategy of your organisation.

In this module you will learn the steps and tips to identify the relevant EU partners for your project. You will also be able to understand how to set a strong partnership.Your partner research will be supported and evaluated by a mentor.


A key success to your EU project application form is to know how to develop a strong budget. In this module, you will learn the steps to develop a balanced budget , the tips to succeed as well as key documents and templates. A mentor will review your budget and give you recommendation to improve it.

In this module you will learn about the steps to plan how to develop your project idea into a strong EU bid including an introduction to how to build a project partnership and budget. You will also find some tips ,specific calls of proposal and practical documents. A mentor will support you designing your project idea.